Who We Are

DOCTORS DIRECT is a community based healthcare partnership between the community its doctors and healthcare professionals.

Doctors Direct has developed creative and innovative solutions in response to the needs and requests by its patients over the years, to provide structured affordable healthcare access and security.

Doctors Direct also recognizes that the currently available formal healthcare options and products do not adequately cater for the needs and affordability of a significant proportion of our communities.


Doctors direct is founded on the principles of mutual self help and cooperation with the community.

Doctors direct aims to provide affordable quality health care services to the communities it serves and afford its doctors and caregivers greater agency in matters affecting healthcare in their communities.


Our Families and communities have been faced with the very high and ever increasing cost of Medical Aid and insurance, for which few can truly and consistently afford.

The Public Healthcare system is over-burdened and severely under resourced to cope with a lot of the healthcare demands of the community.

The community faces a constant pressure to access timely and good quality Primary Healthcare which matches both their immediate healthcare needs and financial means.

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Many other offerings designed to address the on-going and evolving healthcare needs of the community.
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