Doctors direct and its partners have created interactive IT platforms to provide Healthcare related services, information and interactions directly between the healthcare professionals in its networks, and the community.
Families, individuals, students, enterprises, corporates, and professionals in the community can subscribe and become members of the DOCTORS DIRECT HEALTH COMMUNITY (NETWORK).
And enjoy the benefits of affordable quality Healthcare, Wellness services and solutions.


Members can access the full range of services, activities and products by downloading the free Doctors Direct APP onto their mobile phones and completing the registration process.

Some of the benefits offered include:
  • Primary health care screening and prevention programmes
  • Doctors’ visits
  • Health checks
  • Wellness programmes
  • Health news and alerts
  • Loyalty and rewards programmes
  • Health Benefit Savings incentive schemes
  • Emergency and Hospital care assistance
  • Burial assistance etc.

Many other offerings designed to address the on-going and evolving healthcare needs of the community.

Doctors Direct is forward looking and promotes flexibility and incorporation of shared values, between the communities and its healthcare professionals, to create the best mutually engineered solutions and practices.